Museum Maurits van Saene.

In course of preparation

Photographs of some paintings which are in the possession of the Foundation.

Castle in Outer 1945 90x110, oil on canvas

Still Life 1947 37x63, oil on canvas


Italian Still Life 1947 47x91, oil on canvas


Vijfcoten 1948 70x85, oil on canvas


Spain Blanes 1956 80x100, oil on canvas


Congostream 1962 97x145, oil on canvas


Maurits van Saene was a great advocate of professional skill in the art. That is why this is embedded as a prior condition at the aims of the Foundation.

In order to realize these aims of the Foundation, we took counsel together, about a cooperation with the City of Ninove, Cultural Department. Unfortunately the City of Ninove was not willing to fully subscribe the aims, as laid down in the statutes of the Foundation.

As a compensation of an annual grant, the Cultural Department of the City immediately wanted to have the disposal of the key of the House Van Saene, to determine the agenda and to introduce botch- and conceptual-art into the Museum Van Saene.

This point of vue of the Cultural Department made an agreement unworkable and therefore impossible.
The board of the Foundation is now considering other options.